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Champion of Champions

"We Are Hardcore"

The Basement Wrestling Federation was a short lived wrestling organization filled with budding young superstars back in the mid 90's. The talented young roster of this promosing franchise were only able to display their incredible in-ring skills for a short time as a lack of funding caused the organization to close its doors way before its time.

The BWF was a hardcore federation that went through multiple changes in its brief history. There were three different venues used during the federations history. First was the Boulevard Basement. It was here that the only fully televised show took place. It was also here, and at that tv taping that a savage beating was taken by the Disco Kid at the hands of Lance Larson before the event even started. It was here that Disco was getting out of his car and entering the arena when during an interview he was hit from behind and beaten viciously on the front steps of the building. It was this mugging which shaped Discos career. A young brash superstar had to learn the hard way that it was going to take guts and a head that could withstand steel chair shots to be victorious in this league. Well that and a cool outfit of star shaped sunglasses, a shiny metallic looking shirt and bright orange pants, along with an inspiring entrance of black lights, stobe lights and the Bee Gees, Staying Alive playing overhead.

The second venue was the Lonsdale-Main Civic Center. It was here that the legend Major Payne would make his first appearance and coinsidingly it was when things started to go south for this franchise as halfway through the event, the power went out and no filming could be continued. It was a showing of things to come and the fans were not happy about this result. After this the BWF had it's Backyard Brawl pay per view in which the three championships would be merged into one and only the best of the best would be in the main event match. The main event would be a fatal fourway and the match would consist of the Champion, Mr. Incredible, the Hardcore Champion, Ricky "The Stud" Styles, the Independent Champion, the Portuguese Enforcer and the #1 contender the "Disco Kid" Danny Dreamer. It would be a hellacious match and in the end the winner and new champion would be the Disco Kid as all his years of hard work and dedication would pay off and he would become the greatest champion of all time. (*sounds good eh?)

But after this was all said and done it was to be the end of the BWF. A sad ending for such a promosing organization and it's superstars. There is no telling what could have been for these legends of the mat.



And to honor the greatest tag team champions of all time.............



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